Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Long Time Trial Results

A record number of riders came out for the Long Time Trial tonight--it's great to see new faces, so thanks to everyone for riding/spreading the word.  John J. and Charles D. even contested this thing on a tandem, which was really cool to see.  In all, 10 showed up for what became an almost comical test of putting one pedal in front of the other.  At least for the first 9 miles, riders spun their way into a wall of wind.  I think it was something like 8-10mph out of the NW, but really it's safe to say that we all rode straight into an extended series of microbursts.  After the turnaround, tailwinds felt pretty good.  Nice riding, all.  Jeff Litchfield was cranking into the wind, followed by the tandem rocket.  It looks like it got fairly close, but he held them off:

1) Jeff Litchfield  47:08  23.93mph  8 points
2) Tandem: John Jurczynski, Charles Dona  48:18  23.35mph  wins tandem cat.
3) Andy Havey  52:53  21.32mph  7 points
4) Armand Girouard  53:01  21.27mph  6 points  
5) Jordan Greenberg  54:34  20.67mph  5 points  
6) Ted McCahan  55:44  20.23mph  4 points  
7) Ed Giunta  57:00  19.78mph  3 points  
8) Ryanne Carmichael  58:44  19.20mph  2 points  
9) Kelsie  59:54  18.83mph  1 point  

For point of reference, see the results from the last Long Time Trial:

Next week, hillclimb.

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