Saturday, September 7, 2013

Long Time Trial Results

We're making up for the series' slow start/rain days; Tuesday evening was just about right for the riders on the Long TT course: Jeff, Armand, Ryanne, and me.  I think it must have been ~75 without much wind.  Perfect for pushing it.  Kudos go to Jeff, who blasted the course and established a record that will be hard to beat!  Also, Ryanne clocked her fastest time yet for the LTT--not bad considering her Sunday Circle Tri.  Armand came close to PRing right after the Circle Tri too.  You guys are total badasses.  *Good luck to Jeff, who heads to London 9/13 for the USAT World Sprint Championships!!  Have a great time.

1) Jeff Litchfield  (cr)45:32  24.77mph  4 points
2) Armand Girouard  52:30  21.48mph  3 points
3) Jordan Greenberg  54:54  20.54mph  2 points
4) Ryanne Carmichael  55:32  20.31mph  1 point

Up next will be the Short Time Trial.  This will be the last of the series for the year, so come out for it!  As always, if you have any questions about the ride, just let me know (you can comment or email me at mightypemi AT gmail.)

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