Thursday, March 27, 2014

Short Time Trial Results

Got the bike off the trainer, checked bolts, checked pressures, reacquainted myself with the saddle bag, oiled chain, dressed like I was about to ski, rolled out over the crunching snow/ice/sand/salt driveway, turned onto route 3, and froze my ass off.  Well, not right away.  The ride out to the start in Woodstock (about 10mi) was actually nice--we had some sun and not much wind.  My toe covers and double-gloved hands were fine.  Riding partner was pretty comfortable too.  Though we'd already taken the cx bikes out once, this was really the first time on the road; we were moving faster for the most part.

We got to South Station Road at 6pm and with no takers for the TT, we decided to make the ride a loop instead.  We rode over to 175, which we took back down to Campton, where it got colder.  With partially numb hands and feet, we rolled back up route 3.  Fun, but cold!

Next week:  Another shot at the Short Time Trial.  The forecast looks good so far.


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