Sunday, March 23, 2014

Short Time Trial 3/25

Tuesday, 3/25 it is: Short Time Trial.  The relatively flat,~ 9.4 mile course runs from the South Station Road/Rt 3 intersection in Woodstock down to  Campton.  The finish line will be the big Collision/Auto Body Shop sign on the right (just after the bridge) as you ride south.

We'll meet at South Station Road to go off at 6pm*, with riders going in order @ 30 second intervals, approximately slower to faster.  It's no surprise that it'll be cold; forecast looks cloudy/low 30s.  If you are planning on coming, you'll want toe covers.  Make sure to bring a way to time yourself (whether with your bike computer or just a watch)--we'll be collecting times at the end!  Lastly, blinking lights are always a good idea.

Hope to see you there!  Let me know if you have any questions: mightypemiATgmail

*Ryanne and I will probably be riding out to the start from the Irving Gas station/Chesley's Pizza in Campton @ 5:15.  Feel free to meet us there to ride out to the start (let me know to look for you on our way out).

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