Thursday, February 13, 2014

Getting Back in the Saddle

Alright, all: the Mighty Pemi Time Trial/Hillclimb Series will be back soon.  Tuesdays still seem like a good fit, leaving some time for weekend race recovery and squeezing in between weekly group rides.

Groundhog's shadow allowing, we'll shoot for Tuesday, March 25 for the first of the series (see upcoming rides------------->).

Starting early with the series is a good way to measure your progress over the season; we'll keep track of times for each of the rides.

Last season, we had fun rotating through these courses:

Short Time Trial (9 miles on Rt. 3 from Thornton into Campton)
Long Time Trial (18 miles on Rt. 3 from Campton to Thornton and back)
Rt. 49 Time Trial (9 miles from Campton Pond to Tripoli Rd) 
Halls Brook Road Hillclimb (~1000 ft/5.3 miles)
Ellsworth Hill Road Hillclimb (~850 ft/4.8 miles)

Each ride has its own challenges and we hope to add at least another couple of courses to the regular lineup.  The goal with any additions will be to make them locally accessible (i.e.-somewhat reasonable to ride to from Plymouth), anywhere from about 20 minutes to an hour to complete, and safe.  Suggestions?

The time trials and hillclimbs can be great training tools for everything from bike racing to multisport or just fitness/fun in general.  As always: beginners and recreational riders welcome!  Any questions?  Comment here or shoot an email to us at mightypemiATgmail.  Looking forward to riding with you.

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