Tuesday, April 4, 2017

2017 Series

Hey all,

Here's hoping this finds you ready for spring, or, more suitably, that this finds spring ready for you.

We've posted the season course schedule and hope we can get as many rides in as possible.  You'll see that the first time trial up this Tuesday is new for the Series.  Last year, after River Road was paved,  the course seemed to call for it and some riders suggested trying the route.  The winding road should be fun to test out (details/info. for the first TT to follow).

With that River Road Time Trial, we've got eight courses (four TTs and four HCs):

River Road TT          Halls Brook Hillclimb
Short TT                    Ellsworth Hill Road Hillclimb
Route 49 TT              North Groton Road Hillclimb
Long TT                    Stinson Lake Road Hillclimb

As always, we're open to suggestions for changes/additions.  Our goal has been to take advantage of safe courses that are within reasonable riding distance of Plymouth, so if you've got an idea, let us know.

We'll be keeping track of riders' times, points, and all course records as we go along, which can be interesting reference for your season whether you're into it for training or fun.  Bragging rights and hopefully some prizes will be awarded to winners, so come out and ride!

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