Monday, March 21, 2016

2016 Series

Hey everybody--there's clearly still a chance of snowflakes, but in the interest of spring cycling inspiration, see the 2016 schedule here (to the right >>).  We’ll shoot for Tuesday, April 5th @6pm for the first of the series—a Short Time Trial.

Like last season, the rides we'll be doing include three individual time trials (no drafting) and four hillclimbs (drafting allowed).  Seven different courses allow for good balance to let riders revisit each a few times during the season.  

Come out early and often; riders earn points on each ride that go to their season tally.  Personal records (PRs) at any time add extra points.  At the least, season points winners get bragging rights, beer, and gratitude. 

1) Short Time Trial (9 miles on Rt. 3 from Thornton into Campton)
2) Halls Brook Road Hillclimb (~1000 ft/5.3 miles)
3) Rt. 49 Time Trial (9 miles from Campton Pond to Tripoli Rd) 
4) Ellsworth Hill Road Hillclimb (~850 ft/3.9 miles)
5) Long Time Trial (18 miles on Rt. 3 from Campton to Thornton and back)
6) Stinson Lake Road Hillclimb (~800 ft/5.5 miles)
7) North Groton Road Hillclimb (~1000 ft/5 miles)

The time trials and hillclimbs can be great training for everything from bike racing to multisport or just for fitness/fun in general.  As always, beginners and recreational riders welcome.  Any questions?  Comment here or shoot an email to us at mightypemiATgmail.  Looking forward to riding with you.

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