Friday, June 6, 2014

6/10 Lost River Rd/112 Hillclimb

Up next is the Lost River Road/112 Hillclimb, which rises about 1100' over 5.2 miles.  The climb will begin at Stan's Tire Barn on Lost River Rd/112 and proceed up to the Appalachian Trail sign finish.  This course rises steadily at first, then builds up to a fairly steep climb up top.

Since it's a hillclimb, this will be a group start and drafting is allowed.  Riders will get descending points according to place (i.e.- if five people ride, 1st place gets 5 points, 2nd place gets 4 points, etc.).  Bring a way to time yourself; we'll collect times at the end.

The ride goes off at 6pm* at Stan's in North Woodstock.  There is parking behind Truants Tavern in the municipal lot.  If the forecast looks iffy, check back here for day-of ride confirmation by 4pm.  Hope to see you out there/let me know if you have any questions.  

*I'll be riding up to the start at 5:15 from the Mirror Lake parking area in Thornton.  Feel free to join me or I'll see you at the start at 6pm.

Course Records

With more riders come faster times for the series, so I wanted to post the course records we've got so far.  There are 7 courses in all (3 time trial, 4 hillclimb), so come out and test yourself against these times!  Just as good, establish your own personal record (pr) and try to beat that.  Note that there's no series record yet for the upcoming hillclimb.

Short Time Trial:  Jeff Litchfield  20:55  8/15/13

Halls Brook Rd Hillclimb:  Carl Ring  21:48  5/27/14

Rt 49 Time Trial:  Charles Dona  27:37  6/3/14

Ellsworth Hill Rd Hillclimb:  Charles Dona  18:20  4/29/14

Long Time Trial:  Jeff Litchfield  45:32  9/7/13

Stinson Lake Rd Hillclimb: Tom Sampson  17:20  5/14/14

Lost River Rd Hillclimb: TBD

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