Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Short Time Trial Results

It was a great day for a ride--strange to be feeling a bit of warmth in the air.  Our ride out to the start was fine (other than missing a rider connection at Chesley's), with little traffic and good sun.  Wind from the south was minimal.

We hung out at the start for a bit.  A black cat trotted down route 3 towards us, then, shocked that we would be standing there, bolted across the road and into the woods.  After that, from somewhere nearby, she started what I guess was caterwauling.  There's really no better send-off than that.  

Short Time Trial Results
1) Jordan Greenberg  27:08  20.78mph   2 points
2) Ryanne Carmichael 28:11  20.01mph  1 point

Keep an eye out here for the next ride: 4/8 at 6pm.

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