Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Ellsworth Hill Rd Results

I guess we're making up for being rained out a lot in July; it was a dry, relatively cool night for this hillclimb.  I won't say perfect and tempt fate.  

The 2nd of the climbs in this series proved to be different but as challenging as the 1st.  Ellsworth Hill Rd is a punch to the gut right off the bat, while Halls Brook Rd is a smoother entry.  But while Halls Brook is pretty much a steady climb the whole way, Ellsworth Hill nails riders for a long stretch up, then levels out and even includes that significant downhill close to the finish.  

Four riders showed for the hillclimb--great riding with you guys!  

1) Jordan Greenberg 22:27  12.82mph  4 points
2) Brett Engler  22:55  12.56mph  3 points
3) Armand Girouard  23:12  12.41mph  2 points
4) Ryanne Carmichael  24:17  11.85mph  1 point

Next up: Short Time Trial...


  1. Can you describe Tuesdays TT course as I would like to warmup on it before the TT

  2. Hey Jeff,
    I posted the description for the short TT--let me know if you need anything else in terms of directions, etc. And feel free to meet up with us to ride out to the start @ ~5:10 (though this gives you the course in the opposite direction). I hope your wife can make it!