Monday, August 5, 2013

8/6: Ellsworth Hill Road Hillclimb

Up next is the Ellsworth Hill Rd Hillclimb (#2 in our hillclimb series).  As a hillclimb, we'll have a group start and drafting is allowed.  Starting at the bottom of Ellsworth Hill Rd in Campton, this climb wastes no time in starting its ~850 feet of gain over 4.6 miles.  After the initial climb, there's some reprieve with some ups and downs.  Those head into one final short but steep climb to the finish.

Let's meet in the parking lot across the street from Chesley's Pizza/Irving gas station in Campton to start the ride at 6pm.  Chesley's and the gas station are just north up the road from the Rt 49/Rt 3 intersection:

Chesley's Pizza Location

Hope to see folks out there!  Let me know if you have any questions.


  1. I may have a Plymouth commitment at 8PM. Any idea how long the ride make last? Thanks!

    1. Hi Brett, I'd imagine the hillclimb will take ~20-25 min at "B" pace/depending on the rider. And It shouldn't take long to get back down to Rt 3 after, so making Plymouth @8 should be fine.

      Spread the word if you can--I know of 2 other folks who'll be there. Hopefully more will show!

  2. I left a message for a friend who loves climbs so we shall see! I would think this climb would be good for triathlon training, no? Bethel tri is this Sunday!

  3. Great--I hope they can make it. And yes, I think these hillclimbs are right on for tri training--especially if you're anticipating a punchy bike leg with some intermittent climbing. The time trials are great too!