Saturday, June 8, 2013

Short Time Trial, 6/4:

This was a great TT with two intrepid riders going off at 6pm.  At about 70 degrees with a good tailwind, conditions for the short 9.5 mile course were nice.  Actually, getting to the starting line was probably as challenging as anything; the strong headwind from the north on route 3 made the ride out to the start a good workout.  

As you'll see, riders will get descending points according to place in the time trials and hillclimbs.  So if ten people ride, the 1st place finisher would get 10 points and the 10th place finisher would get 1 point.  Points leaders get bragging rights.


Ryanne Carmichael  25:49   2 points 
Jordan Greenberg  26:11  1 point

Next Week/Hillclimb

Next up is the first hillclimb at Halls Brook Road in Rumney on 6/11 @ 6pm.  This is open to anyone.  This means you!  The goal is to have fun and get up the hill as fast as you can, but this is clearly relative to each rider.  I have finished last plenty enough to know that it's sometimes the best spot to be in; there's always more applause for the rider who's cool enough to bring the climb to a close.

Hillclimbs will be a bit different than the time trials.  As opposed to going off individually for the TTs, the hillclimb will be a group start.  Also, while there is no drafting in the time trials, drafting is welcome on hillclimbs.  The Halls Brook Road climb is relatively short at ~3.7 miles and climbs ~750ft (and we may add some distance to the beginning).  If you can make it, don't forget your computer or watch since we'll get times for the climb at the end.

Hope to see folks out there on Tuesday, 6/11 at the intersection of Route 25 and Halls Brook Road @ 6pm:  Halls Brook Road in Rumney

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