Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Halls Brook Road Hillclimb Results

Great ride, April conditions.  In all, I think we rode through rain, sun, clouds, mist.  On our way over, the temp started to drop a bit, but it was still cool to pull up and see Halls Brook Rd ascend into the fog.  Quiet ride on the way up, minus my gasping for air.  Oddly, the higher up we rode, the warmer it got--enough so that up top, it was tempting to hang out for a while.  Early and cloudy as it was, awesome to get out there with a group.  Great to ride with you guys, nice to have the first hillclimb in the books.

1) Pat Casey  23:57  13.27mph  5 points
2) Carl Ring  25:52  12.29mph  4 points
3) Jordan Greenberg 27:37  11.51mph  3 points
4) Ryanne Carmichael  28:35  11.12mph  2 points
5) Katrina Zalenski  30:46  10.33mph  1 point

Next Tuesday: Rt 49 Time Trial

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