Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Ellsworth Hill Rd Hillclimb Results

Glad we got this in before the next round of rain. Wind was swirly, but I think we had a bit of tailwind on the way up, which I'll take.  Ellsworth Hill Rd did not disappoint as a tough climb--you don't really settle in before you're looking down to make sure you don't have an extra gear.  Unfortunately, there were some mechanical issues to begin with--Jeff couldn't shift down halfway up the first climb, which meant turning around.  Charles almost had the same problem, but finally got off the big ring, then shot up the hill:

1) Charles Dona  18:20  15.70mph  7 points
2) Carl Ring  19:28  14.79mph  6 points
3) Jordan Greenberg  21:34  13.35mph  5 points
4) Ted McCahan  22:40  12.70mph  4 points
5) Ryanne Carmichael  24:43  11.65mph  3 points
6) Armand Girouard  25:00  11.52mph  2 points

Jeff Litchfield--mechanical 1 point

We'll have a points-so-far list up soon.  Next week, Long Time Trial.

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