Friday, August 23, 2013

Rt 49 Time Trial Results

Getting this out late (got to the finish line a bit late too), but here are the times.  It was great to see Zach out for a first ride and Brett again (course record!), with kudos to Armand for his post-Half Ironman push.  It was a nice night with little wind to speak of, clear skies.  Good riding!

1) Brett Engler  29:51  18.29mph  5 points
2) Armand Girouard  30:50  17.70mph  4 points
3) Zach  31:49  17.16mph  3 points
4) Ryanne Carmichael  32:46  16.66mph  2 points
5) Jordan Greenberg 33:10  16.46mph  1 point

Next up: Halls Brook Road Hillclimb...

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