Thursday, August 29, 2013

Halls Brook Rd Hillclimb Results

Summer is still here, or was on Tuesday.  Warm and pretty humid for the hillclimb, which had a good turnout with Ryanne, Armand, Ted, and me.  I don't think I passed one car on the way up, so it was a quiet climb (except for my own gasping).  There's some sort of paving work on N. Groton Rd, so parts of the climb were in loose/gravelly stuff and I think it helped to be judicious about your line.  At the top, nobody but the cows.  After regrouping, we rode down to 118, then made that fun descent back to Rt 25.  Great ride on a good climb!

1) Armand Girouard  25:30  12.00mph  4 points
2) Jordan Greenberg  25:48  11.86mph  3 points
3) Ted McCahan  26:18  11.63mph  2 points
4) Ryanne Carmichael  27:09  11.27mph  1 point

Next up: Long Time Trial...

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