Tuesday, July 23, 2013

7/23 Halls Brook Rd Hillclimb Results

For a while today, I didn't think we were going to get the ride in.  But the clouds parted for a beautiful evening and, on the ride over to Rumney, I practiced gasping for air.  With all the rainouts, we haven't done a hillclimb yet in this series; I knew I'd feel this one.

The three riders were spaced out pretty evenly on the way up.  Jeff Litchfield took an early and convincing lead up the road while Ryanne and I settled in behind.  It was nice and cool on the way up and I don't think there was any traffic.  I passed a father and son at the top of Halls Brook and the father asked, "Are you chasing somebody?"  I choked out a yes and he said, "Well he's way up the road!"

Great ride, Jeff and Ryanne--it was fun getting up there with you guys.

Jeff Litchfield  22:25  14.18mph  3 points
Jordan Greenberg  25:55  12.27mph  2 points
Ryanne Carmichael  27:14  11.67mph  1 point


  1. Thanks for a great ride - hope to make another and will spread the word as last nights climb hurt!

  2. Yes--hope you can make more! We've got some time trials coming up followed by some more solid area hillclimbs.