Wednesday, July 17, 2013

7/16 Rt 49 Time Trial Results

It was a beautiful July evening for the TT: ~90 degrees with a bit of a headwind heading towards Waterville Valley on 49.  The new pavement isn't bad either.  The same outstanding 3 riders showed for the ride; Armand took the lead while Ryanne and I followed behind.  Apparently, Armand's busy activity schedule (i.e.-5th overall at the Concord tri this Sunday) didn't do enough to slow him down.  Way to go!

1) Armand Girouard: 31:14  17.48mph  3 points
2) Jordan Greenberg: 32:45  16.67mph  2 points
3) Ryanne Carmichael: 33:13  16.43mph  1 point

Next up (7/23) will be the Halls Brook Road Hillclimb...


  1. Would like to meet up with you Tuesday. Do you meet for a warmup first or just start the TT at 6?

    1. Hey Jeff,
      Great! When people have shown up for the rides, they've usually gotten close to the start @ ~5:45 and warmed up from there, so it's been a sort of individual warm up in that sense. But depending on time constraints, I do try to ride to the rides. For this week, I'll try to get over to Smith Bridge by ~5:30 and ride to Halls Brook Rd from there. Feel free to meet me there to ride over.

      Keep an eye on the weather too--I'll try to post if rain/storm looks unavoidable.